Dog Insurance Plans

It’s hard to keep an eye on Fido every second of the day. Sooner or later, he’s bound to eat something that he shouldn’t have. From senior dogs to puppies, it’s better to err on the side of caution.

The right pet insurance plan can take away any concern you have with late night visits to the vet. Emergency treatment can cost a lot and you want to make sure your pup gets the care he deserves.

Protect my Pooch

Cat Insurance Plans

Let’s face it. Your little kitten gets into a lot of trouble. He’s taken one too many daring leaps and you’re worried something might happen.

We can’t guarantee that Mr. Fluffles will stick every landing, but with the right pet insurance plan you’ll be able to take him straight to the vet without fear.

Protect My Cat

Bird Insurance Plans

While most people have opted for a four-legged friend, you’ve decided on one that can soar the skies. Birds are beautiful creatures, but sadly susceptible to many types of illnesses. They need to be protected just like any other member of your family.

We’ve made finding the right insurance plan for your bird easy by collecting reviews of insurers and information on a variety of breeds for you.

Bird Insurance coming soon

Exotic Pet Insurance Plans

Rabbits, pigs, and lizards, oh my! There are many different types of Exotic pets out there, but the most important one is yours. 

Care for exotic pets is already more expensive than your typical cat or dog bill, so it’s even more important that your companion is covered with the right insurance. 

Exotic Pet insurance coming soon