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What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

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Injuries from Accidents
Emergency Room Vet Visits
Common and Serious Illnesses
Testing and Diagnosis

Protect Your Furry Family Members

Veterinary bills are on the rise, especially visits to the emergency room. Pet Insurance provides you and your pet added security. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

Did your dog eat something they weren't supposed to? Did your cat jump from too high of a perch? Accidents happen and having pet insurance can save you thousands on veterinary bills. 

Like any insurance, you should weigh your risks, but more often than not, having a good pet insurance plan will help. 

Which Vets can I use?

Most pet insurance plans reimburse you for expenses that you receive at the vet. That means you're usually able to use your current vet. When you're comparing plans, it's a good idea to check just to be safe. 

Are Pre-Existing Conditions Covered?

In almost all cases, pre-existing conditions are not covered. That's why it's smart to get pet insurance while your pet is young. This way any conditions that do develop are covered by the plan. 

How Soon Can I Use My Pet Insurance Plan? 

This will vary by plan provider, but most will allow you to begin using your insurance the next day. 

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